The Bandi Revolution

The Bandi Jacket, also known as The Nehru Jacket or the Modi Jacket; a timeless classic that is now a global fashion statement. These elegant jackets were originally called “bandh gale ka coat” and later became popular as “The Nehru Jackets”. Ironically, Nehru never wore the Nehru Jacket himself, he preferred wearing Sherwanis or Achkans.  

Although widely admired during Nehru’s time, their popularity declined during the 80’s. But these jackets have made a remarkable comeback as Modi Jackets, popularized by the Prime Minister himself.



Apart from being elegant and timeless, these jackets are extremely versatile.  With the right kind of styling you can incorporate a Nehru jacket with just about any look ranging from formal to casual.


The Ethnic Look

Pair up the Modi jacket with the classic kurta-pyjama combination, you can also style it with sherwanis and dhotis. The ethnic look works best for festive occasions. Bright colours such as yellow, red and green are bound to make a statement.


The Formal Look

To achieve a sophisticated and formal look, team up the Nehru Jacket with formal shirt and trousers. Go for subtle pastel colours. The jackets can also be worn with plain kurtas for an elegant minimal look.



The Casual Look

For a casual look pair the iconic Nehru Jacket with a casual shirt and well fitted trousers. To give your look a trendy twist, you can also wear it with denims. Play with prints and patterns to notch up your style quotient.



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