About Us


Fashion is not only about following trends, it is about the way one wants to project his personality.

This is a thought shared by designer Mayank Modi, who strongly believes fashion is an extension and reflection of one’s personality and not vice versa. Mayank Modi is known for his clean cuts and breathing fabrics. Subtle in his choice of colours and styles, Mayank has become known for his luxurious but understated take on men wear. His lines are a blend of muted and earthy, neutral tones. He finds new ways to present timeless looks and dress up his clientele. He works on pure fabrics like Linen, Cotton and different forms of Silks and Prints to give a modern look to our ancient art and culture.

Early Life

Mayank Modi, a true blue Bangalorean at heart, imbibes all the charm and pub culture of the city. He did his graduation from Christ College in commerce.

He gave up a lucrative corporate job to give flight to his designing dreams.

His first plunge into designing attires was with traditional men's wear .It was a dream fuelled by a passion for fine clothing and dressing well which he nurtured right from his teens. Since then, there is no looking back for the designer. What started off as a passion is now the full-time profession of this Bangalorean, whose ultimate aim is to focus not on reviving or revolutionizing clothing but to make subtle classy improvements to the kind of clothes most of us already wear and imbibing his point about clothes being an extension of one’s personality.  

Brand and Clientele

The fact that Mayank spends long hours in designing and styling is reflected in the uniqueness of his creations and eye for details.

He believes that quality and consistency in fabric are his mantra to success.

The brand, Mayank Modi is simple yet classy and at a price point which makes designer clothes affordable. Mayank creates clothes for every occasion and seasons. Be it office, party or beach wear, you name it and you’ll find it amidst his creations. The shades too vary, from classic black and white to contemporary shade like bright maroons, pinks and greens.

Fabric and Detailing: Each garment is detailed in its cuts, collar, cuff and buttons. The design of each garment is inspired by the natural character of its fabric in terms of texture and colour. The inherent signature style in various collections by Mayank epitomizes class which is apt for evening and ceremonial wear. Jodhpur collars, Nehru collars etc. accentuate the evening look.